October 31st, 2023

The Chemical Corps Regimental Association’s (CCRA) Board of Directors has filled its last remaining Director vacancy on the Board.  In a unanimous vote by the board members, Brigadier General (Retired) Jim Blankenhorn, former Commanding General for the 76th Division, Operational Response, and Task Force 76, was selected to serve as a Director for the CCRA, in an interim 24 month capacity.  Mr. Blankenhorn joins the CCRA Board of Directors team and brings over 33 years of CBRN leadership experience.

In addition to BG(Ret) Blankenhorn, the Board of Directors also selected Colonel Mark Lane to serve in an interim 24 month capacity as the Vice President of Membership.  COL Lane has over 28 years of service within our nation’s Army and has served in staff and leadership positions ranging from Platoon Leader to Brigade Commander.

With these appointments, the association is truly excited moving forward, having installed a truly dynamic and diverse group of CBRN Leaders representing every aspect of the Chemical Corps’ force structure and component.