Our 2023 SGM Paul Cockman Scholarship Recipients

October 5th, 2023

The Association is very pleased, and proud, to announce the awarding of our 2023 SGM Paul Cockman Scholarships.  As always, the Association received some very well constructed scholarship applications from some very deserving immediate family members of some of our Lifetime Members.  After very careful consideration, we are excited to mention that Briyanna Lawson, Jaden Eddins, Benjamin Riley, Matthew Mingus, Jonathan Hammer, and Sierra Coop were each selected by the CCRA Board of Directors to be awarded a scholarship.  We wish all of these great young men and women the best of luck in this upcoming academic year!

In addition to our association leadership selecting scholarship recipients this year.  Our Scholarship Committee, consisting of our Vice Presidents, worked  diligently to draft and propose a new scholarship policy letter which was unanimously approved by our Board of Directors.  Effective the 12th of September, 2023, Policy Letter 5, SGM Paul Cockman Scholarship went into effect.  This dynamic policy not only outlines the specific criteria associated with awarding the scholarship each year, but it also serves to recognize our scholarship recipients thru a more specific and merit based process.  The details of the new policy letter are as follows:
  • Graduate Studies Scholarship(s), up to two awarded each year, $2,000 each.
  • Hard Science Studies Scholarship(s), up to two awarded each year, $1,500 each.
  • Essay Based Scholarship(s), up to two awarded each year, $500 to $1,000 each.
  • Volunteer Service to the CCRA Scholarship, one awarded each year, $1,000.

As a reminder;  the CCRA’s SGM Paul Cockman Scholarship is open to all immediate family members of Lifetime Members of our association. Immediate family members being identified as spouses and children of Lifetime CCRA members. The term “children” in this program is defined as follows: natural or legally adopted children, stepchildren, and legal wards.

Also addressed in the new policy letter is the submission date requirement.  All application submissions must be submitted, postmarked by or emailed by, the 31st of May.  This update was made in an attempt to ensure that the association is able to make scholarship award determinations and have the scholarships issued in an appropriate time which allows our recipients to make use of the funds in preparation for the Fall semester.  

Again, congratulations to all of our scholarship recipients and a well-deserved hats off to all of our Lifetime Members whose families are putting in work at universities all across our great nation.