The Chemical Corps Regimental Association Appoints New Leadership

September 28th, 2023

We are proud to announce that the leadership of our Corps’ professional association has collaborated on successfully selecting new members of our Board of Directors.  Effective the 28th of September; the 15th Regimental Command Sergeants Major, CSM(Ret) Christopher Williams will serve as the Vice Chairman.  In addition, COL(Ret) Thomas Duncan, COL(Ret) Dave Wilcox, and SGM Toby Shirley have been selected to serve alongside COL(Ret) Sean Kirschner on our Board of Directors.  Also, the United States Army Chemical Corps’ Honorary Colonel of the Corps, COL(Ret) Andy Herbst, and the United States Army Chemical Corps’ Honorary Sergeants Major of the Corps, CSM(Ret) Robert Aldenberg, have been selected to serve as non-voting members of  the Chemical Corps Regimental Association’s Board of Directors.  We are truly excited to welcome these great former leaders of our Corps’ and look forward to their dedicated leadership and tremendous energy that they will no doubt bring while moving the association forward.  ELEMENTIS REGAMUS PROELIUM