CSM George Murray Leadership Award


To plan and execute a competition for chemical soldiers and NCOs that will test both technical and tactical skills along with common soldier knowledge.


The intent of the competition is to challenge the competitors both technically and tactically; assess which of them is best and ensure that proper recognition is given.

Dragon’s Peak will consist of different events completed at home station. Scores will be given for each event, and the total score will determine the winner.

Contact Information

USACBRNS Proponency Office: (573) 596-0131 ext 3-7374.


APFT and Weigh-in: Soldiers will be weighed in and given an APFT in accordance with regulation. The score earned during the event will convert to a point scale (ANNEX A) and added into the final score. Soldiers not meeting minimum standards will be dropped from the competition.


Weapons qualification: Soldiers will be given one M-16 and 12 rounds to zero. Soldier must fire on a qualification with the zeroed weapon and be awarded points for the score attained (ANNEX A). Failure to meet the minimum standard will drop the soldier from the competition.


Written Test: Soldiers will be tested to assess their knowledge of various NBC topics. The score received will convert to a point scale and will be added to the final score (ANNEX A). Failure to reach a minimum of 70% will drop the soldier from the competition.

Note: This test will be administered On-Line timed and proctored by unit commander or 1SG. Only soldiers submitted for competition will have access to the test web site. The test will automatically forward to the USACBRNS and will not be part of the final packet.


CTT: Soldiers will complete Common Task Training for the appropriate Skill Level. Failure to achieve a 1st time GO status in all tasks will drop the soldier from the competition.


All items will be put into a binder in order and sent to the USACBRNS Operations office NLT pre-determined date set by the RCSM. (See ANNEX B)