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Starting a Local Chapter

Begin by reading the Chapter Constitution and Bylaws section of the Local Chapter Establishment Policy (paragraphs 9 and 10 – click here to download). These were standardized to facilitate operation at the local level. If you feel they need to be changed to meet specific considerations of your local chapter, contact the CCRA national office at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. Once you have developed your specific by laws have them reviewed your local Community Affairs Office (CAO) and the local Staff Judge Advocate (SJA).

Your local Chapter will fall under the regulations as a Private Organization if located on a military installation. Make sure you review the regulations that cover Private Organizations Operating on Government Installations (See AR 210-22). Your CAO and SJA will assist you in making sure your bylaws are within the regulatory guidance. Also, we suggest that an Ethics Counselor review your bylaws for compliance with the Joint Ethics Regulation DOD 5500.7-R. Contact the CCRA national office for additional information. (573-329-0600)

Approval must be obtained from the local Installation Commander to operate as a Private Organization in that location. A sample letter to the Installation Commander has been provided at paragraph 4.

Once you have received approval from the Installation Commander, you must send a formal request to the CCRA national office to obtain a Chapter Charter. A sample petition for a charter has been provided at paragraph 5. Your local chapter president must sign the request. It must also include the names of the individuals selected to serve in leadership positions in the Chapter.

Provide the names of existing members of the Association who are to be considered as Charter Members of your local Chapter to the CCRA National Vice President of Membership for membership verification. For every Charter Member your local chapter will receive $2.50 from the national level of the CCRA. You will also get a $2.50 dues rebate for new members gained and renewed after the Charter date.

Read the attached “guidance” letter to help guide you as you set up programs for your Chapter. The guidance letter provides suggestions and helpful advice. If you have other suggestions in addition to what’s currently in the letter please share them with the CCRA national office. We have also included instructions for receiving tax-exempt status for your chapter.

The CCRA National President will authorize the activation of your Chapter Charter and will sign your Charter.

For more information on forming a local CCRA Chapter, please contact the CCRA national office at (573) 329-0600.