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In Memoriam

The past year has been marked by the loss of the following Chemical Corps Soldiers.

To these Dragon Soldiers, the CCRA salutes you. Thank you for your service.

SFC Jeremiah Johnson
SFC Jeremiah Johnson
4 October 2017
LTC (Ret) Arthur J. Bland
LTC (Ret) Arthur J. Bland
29 August 2017

In dedication to all members of the Chemical Corps who gave their lives in combat against the enemies of our country during Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Global War on Terrorism. Their sacrifice has not been made in vain.

CPL Mark Bibby
2LT Benjamin Colgan
CPL Arron Clark
SSG Morgan Kennon
CPL Forest Jostes
SGT Gregory Wahl
SPC Mark Kasecky
SGT Thomas Rosenbaum
SSG Robert Johnson
SFC Mickey Zaun
SSG Stephen Sherman
SPC Lizbeth Robles
SPC Ignacio Rameriz
SGT Jonathon Lootens
SGT Marco Miller
SPC Elias Elias
CPL Jason Nunez
SPC Eddie Tamez
SGT Jacob Shumuecker
SPC James Gudridge
SPC Arturo Huerta-Cruz
SGT Jamie Gonzales
SSG Scott Burgess
SPC Krystal Fitts
SFC Jeremiah Johnson